Cree Alexander


         Driven and known by her bubbly and humble personality and talent, Cree Alex has an eclectic background that consists of a performance career coupled with communications.  From behind the scenes to on the stage, she has captured many audiences throughout her fifteen plus years of experience in the entertainment and arts industry.  Her passion for performing, creating and supporting other artists has fused her career with communication arts.  Her goal is to continue to foster an arts community via communications by bringing more publicity to local artist.  From public/media relations to hosting performance events, writing art reviews of Metro Detroit performances or performing herself, Cree Alez is definitely a "go-to" person for the arts in Metro Detroit! 

        CreeAlex Began singing, dancing, writing poetry where she won scholarships at age 7and acting, as a youth.  Her early years of training began in high school and church (Cass Technical High School and Perfecting Church with Pastor Marvin L. Winans) in Detroit, Michigan.  

She began singing backgrounds in the local choir for Karen Clark-Sheard.  A few years later, Cree Alex went on to receive several dance awards and scholarships during her undergraduate years at Wayne State University (WSU), performed in New York at Ashfor and Simpson's Café, briefly danced background for Aretha Franklin, became choreographer and dancer for AL Hudson and One Way, had several extra roles in Sparkle alongside Whitney Houston and Jordan Sparks, as well as performed for other local artists.  Cree Alex has also worked behind the scenes having written several press releases and managing media for local arts and entertainment! 

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