With over 40 years of radio experience Don has played in a variety of formats at a vast number of radio stations. Starting at WDRQ, WJZZ, WBSC, KTSU, WCHB, 98.7 THE BREEZE, and more he's listened and learned from the best voices and business minds in radio. 

Don learned to  train his voice to fit into any format this allowed him to begin doing voice overs. His voice can be heard on many commercials both locally and nationally. He can be heard in airports directing you through security checkpoints, and in instructional and training videos. 

WJZDRADIO is a blend of all of the techniques and musical styles that he found to be successful in his career. Surrounding himself with skilled announcers, technicians, and DJ's his goal  is to change the way listeners enjoy their music, receive their information, and get help when they need it.

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