Gregory Henderson, best known as G. Hend, is a Detroit native who’s love for music reaches back to his youth. He loved the music of James Brown, The Funkadelics, Morris Day and the Time, Rick James and many more of the 70’s era which planted the seeds to want to do more with music. Growing up in a household where Gospel Music was the focus, he’s also created a love for various artist with in the Gospel Music industry, that gave him his deep roots in understanding how music is extremely good for the soul!

As life went on, the love for music grew. He would listen to Detroit radio DJs such as Kim James, DJ Fingers, Don Que and Wax Taxin Dre. Not only would he listen, he would study each one of their styles to one day be able to take a piece of each one and create his own style. He made the decision to step out and take all that he’s learned and put it to use. In 2011 he was given the opportunity to step into the DJ booth in Pontiac, Michigan just prior to the birth of his eldest son because his wife was not able to handle the task of instructing, dancing and providing the music for the weekly Dancing for the Health of it hustle classes.

From the nights in Pontiac, G Hend began to create his own nights of public and private events in and out of the state of Michigan where is focus was to make sure that everyone that was at the event have an amazing experience that they could talk about for days and even years to come. From the success of those events, he created his own brand, The G Hend Experience which was established in 2016.  His goal is to bring the high-powered dance and music to the airways where people would never want the music to stop!