Growing up in the D with a love for music this would prove to be his calling later in life.  Music was always playing around the house being a child of the 70’s and 80’s music was a main stay in my life. Being a only child my parents didn’t spoil me but it did learn to be independent and take a few chances for the things I wanted in life.  
With both parents being music lovers, Dad played saxophone and is a jazz lover mom sang and loved all form of music. This allowed me to be raised in an eclectic atmosphere fortified by Godly principles. After working in communication for over 20 years and receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication along the way 
After graduation in 2005 I delve into what I loved the most music and creativity starting with two podcast programs “Gospel Jazz Podcast” & “The Jazz Suite” podcast which was just the begging both given me hands on education in the area of new media along with becoming a graphic designer which inspired me to launch a podcast network Molex Media Podcasting Newtwork. Over the years of podcasting I have spent time cultivating information and knowledge of the music industry. From Soul music to House music I love and spins it all creating shows and playing music people love to hear is a blessing that I can’t describe if you love what you do the opportunities will follow. That’s what being a Dj means to me .

J Squared