Steve "St" Tucker


Steve "ST"Tucker  found music at the age of 11 while playing trumpet in middle school band class. When "ST" reached High School he was already buying records and Djing in his neighborhood. When his older brother came home from the air force, he had a ton of LP’s and 12 inch records. From this,  "ST"  started to hear a lot of jazz because his brother plays bass guitar and was into fusion jazz. Steve  listened and studied jazz very closely and learned from the best in Detroit Jazz Scene.


Steve has played for Ortheia Barnes, Duane Parham, Gwen Foxx, BB Queen to name a few. Steve kept moving and ended up in Highland Park working for FM88.1 WHPR and The New Dance Show under R.J. Watkins. "ST" started to fall in love with radio and went on to be an On-Air personality that graced the airwaves. He moved his talents towards Producing and Singing Hooks for various artists with his then partner Michael Austin and together they formed Funkensyne Records & Entertainment LLC. Steve has played since 1983. Spinning records he would buy from all the local Detroit record stores. He has come from the grass roots of crate carrying records to his events.Steve "ST" Tucker has Dj’d all over the city from weddings to corporate events and various stages doing what he has a strong  talent and passion for.


Steve "ST" Tucker has been mixing jazz for over 30 years and has a very diverse ear when it comes to blending

various artist LIVE. "ST" has done over 15 Jazz mixes that are streamed live on MixCloud. He knows how to read a room and has continued to provide professional services, quality and authenticity to whomever he meets or works with. He can play every genre of music very well and his knowledge base of music continues to grow and provide listening pleasure to his fans for years to come. Now being a veteran in the city, with kids, Steve knows the importance of Jazz and its roll in people’s daily lives. Jazz is a balance of art transformed by the artist to paint rhythms from a free spirit of expression.