This blue truck would drive around my neighborhood on Detroit’s west side, blaring jazz over the loudspeaker, selling 45s and albums. I would come to learn later the song was Wes Montgomery Eleanor Rigby, a Beatles cover. My dad, the jazz aficionado that he was, treasured his jazz collection but treasured even more his “Hifi”. I would flip through his albums intrigued by the artwork and liner notes. It was my awakening. I too gravitated to the jazz of my era and curated my own collection but that song, Eleanor Rigby, stuck with me for years to come...all the lonely people.  
My dad never got a chance to hear me on the radio but I carried his love of jazz to every station that would allow me to “crack the mic”, from the infamous WJZZ to WJLB, WLBS, WMXD in Detroit to WJZW and WMJC in Washington DC a span of some 30 odd years. It became a bittersweet occupation once the corporate suits started dictating playlists based on computer algorithms. Three years ago I had enough and traded my headphones for ear protectors. I went from “on the air” to “in the air.” My main gig now is flight attendant but my love for jazz has never waned. I hope you stop by often for a tasty morsel of my musical delicacies. My repertoire has expanded but you’ll always hear a jazz flavor on my show here on WJZD.