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Salma Akter
Apr 11, 2022
Zhang Xiaolong once said in the Tencent open class: the future video account is the core platform for linking the major channels of WeChat. Now, the connection between the video account and WeChat account, circle of friends, public account, mini program, and small store has become more and more closely connected. What kind of ambition fax number database does WeChat video account carry? The author of this article starts from the revision of the video account and discusses the development direction of WeChat. Let's take a look~ Not long ago, the video account was quietly revised, and the "Friends" tab bar of the video account was fully switched to full-screen display. Previously, the two tabs of "Follow" and "Recommend" have been switched to full-screen mode. Following Kuaishou's change from dual-column fax number database layout to single-column display (compatible with dual-column clicks and single-column sliding up and down), the full-screen full-screen video format means that the display standard of the entire vertical-screen short video will inevitably be fully "Douyin". change". In the early days of the video account, the 6:7 display ratio once caused a lot of trouble for the creator. The vertical screen video of the video account was easily blocked by subtitles or the main body of the screen. Last year, after Tencent fax number database acquired the short video creation tool VUE, it launched a short video creation tool "Miaojian App" (renamed Miaojian), which supports one-click publishing to the video account after generating a video. The "perfect video ratio, the best display effect" in the product description of the Miaojian App refers to the 6:7 video number ratio. In the latest updated version, Miaojian App has fully supported the 9:16 template. (Second Cut App version 1.4.0, Android) Of course, WeChat is not too entangled in the 6:7 standard. Zhang Xiaolong explained: