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sharmin Akther
Apr 06, 2022
to the same target. Have an html sitemap and an xml sitemap. Manage 404s. Regularly manage internal links. Audit existing link structure if your website isn't brand new, you probably already have an internal linking structure. To get a better idea of ​​what it looks like, you can use seo tools such site audit tool semrush site audit tool google search console using company employee list tools, audit your internal links to find things links (for example, link to a page that no longer exists)links to 301 redirected pages links to pages that may not be. important click depth is too deep (more on this in the next section)pages with no links too many links on one page untracking issues pages passing the most pagerank if you are a subscriber you can use our link graph tool to start analyzing your internal links as company employee list an interactive visual map. But, there are other tools as well, as mentioned in this guide. Link graph tool in seotoolset. Link graph tool in establish click depth traditional wisdom says that the number of clicks needed to reach important pages of the site from the home page should not exceed three. Google has confirmed the importance of ensuring easy access to these important pages, but makes no mention of the actual depth of clicks. In this video, says: … what matters to us a bit is how easy it is to find the content there. So especially if your homepage is company employee list company employee list usually the most powerful page on your website and from the homepage it takes several clicks to get to one of these stores, then it's us much more difficult to understand that these stores are actually quite large. In other words, you should keep click depth in mind when establishing your silos, and we generally recommend that, if possible, site click depth.