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Delowar Hossain
Jun 12, 2022
For fans, cost-effectiveness is the best benefit in the group. 2. Free single day We focus on creating a special welfare day. On this welfare day, you can get free product coupons. Because executive email list of the existence of the free single day, many fans will invite their relatives and friends to join the group, achieving a continuous fission effect. Of course, to make a single day free, we need to take precautions in two aspects: on the one hand, it is the brush executive email list of the wool party, and don’t let the welfare be wiped away by the wool party, so that the real fans have no benefits. It is not to do it blindly without considering the cost, but to consider the conversion operation of store traffic. In addition, to prevent customers from exchanging a single free executive email list product, a set of strategies is also required. Every time we invest a free coupon on a free day, the actual ROI that can be brought is more than 10, which means that this activity not only really plays a role in draining traffic effect, and it also effectively executive email list stimulated repurchase for the store. 3. Planting Day The advantage of product planting is that, on the one hand, it is possible to find loyal fans of the product. Because fans can plant grass to represent the fans’ love for the brand, and at the same time, as high-quality seed fans, they act as active fans in the community and drive executive email list the activity of other fans; Grass products, multi-angle and multi-scene display products, let other fans have a deeper understanding of a product, thereby driving the product's hot sales. 3. Small interactive games in the community or creating topics to create an executive email list interactive atmosphere It is not difficult to carry out interactive games in one community, but it is difficult to carry out interactive games in 600 communities at the same time.
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