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Apr 07, 2022
There are many business management objects on the B side, and the business contains great data value. Then, he analyzed the two difficulties of intra-enterprise organization and inter-enterprise collaboration in the implementation of B-end products. The third sharing guest was Jia Wei, Chairman of Rococo Innovation Design Group, and the theme he shared was "Three Views of Products - Imagination Creates Global Product Power". The three-view iceberg model proposed by him is microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic. The micro refers to the user's view - born out of needs, the meso refers to the values ​​(business practice), the macro refers to the world view (self-cultivation), and some cases are proposed for analysis. The fourth guest to share was Tu Haiyan, the former director of ByteDance. The theme she shared was "The Construction of To B Business Operation System from the Perspective of "Full Scene". First, she analyzed the current difficulties faced by To B operations, and introduced them from three dimensions: user side, product side, and operation side. She believes that from the perspective of the user side, it is necessary to emphasize the refinement of B+C; from the perspective of the product side, it is necessary to emphasize the depth of sms marketing service the path scene; from the perspective of the operation side, it is necessary to emphasize multiple operation methods. The fifth sharing guest is Sun Hongliang, director of smart cultural tourism products of SenseTime.