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Robin Islam
Apr 12, 2022
The waterlogged will no longer die from the flood, and the drought will no longer die from the drought; because it cannot make you "flood", it will be preferentially filtered out by the principle of mutual products , of course, except for those who are willing to be "flooded" by the licking dog; You will not die, because the principle of mutuality products will be provided to you , and there is a high probability that there are people who have the same proportion of theoretical and objective factual existence and your mutuality, and it is difficult for anyone to enjoy true loneliness . And licking the dog and the wishful thinking person will gradually decrease due to the rejection of the other party. Innocent, kind, glass-hearted, inferior, humble, arrogant, all should be treated well. May our social products allow users to obtain an easy, simple, effective and practical social experience in real and specific functions, and really focus on attracting Phone Number List users with products and services, rather than boasting products, false temptations and other products. The kind of traffic-based social product that goes astray. The butterfly flaps its wings, and the wind and clouds descend! (Okay, I'm starving to death, so I came to write this-similar to soul social, asking for recommendation and contact! I should be able to make a breakthrough in the strong relationship between men and women. Direction: strong relationship between men and women, must socialize product.)