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Apr 11, 2022
In the VR world, we may be able to watch documentaries with a wider field of view, and may be able to participate in games with more physical interaction, but the new dimension "virtual three-dimensional space" introduced by the VR medium is only used to reproduce our use at this time. With the routines of the existing media, the ceiling it can reach is still far away from us. In the last article I mentioned the concept of "communication at presence", which is also mentioned in Levinson's "anthropotropic" theory. In fact, in order to realize it under the constraints of time and space, human beings have taken great pains to take control of the real world bit by bit. If we deconstruct the elements of "present communication", we can roughly write a formula: Presence communication integrity R = (person 1 + … + person N) × temporal synchronization rate T × spatial coincidence S × interactivity I For telemarketing list example, in a real face-to-face conversation, we have multiple people in the same room, everyone's expression can be heard by everyone else without delay, and everyone can speak, look, hug, fan to anyone else Feedback such as a slap can even be expressed collaboratively with pen and paper, a whiteboard, and a display screen. At this time R = 100% . The R of all media cannot reach 100%, and sometimes it is even very low. For example, books express one-way intentions from authors to readers in asynchronous time and book space, but due to the existence of telemarketing list typography, authors can express intentions one-to-many, thus improving the expression efficiency. When using a mobile phone/computer to make a video call, multiple people can express verbal language, body language or text through the camera at the same time, but each person cannot influence the space where others are located, and cannot reach the same meeting room together on the whiteboard. Communication integrity of writing and drawing. Looking back, let's see what's possible with VR. With the existence of a virtual three-dimensional space, it is possible for me to project all the images of my whole body into it and realize tele-presence .