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Md Robiul Islam
Apr 20, 2022
I have met a lot of new friends recently. After communicating, I found that some are in media, some in operations, some in marketing... and some in business. Don't look at everyone's different occupations and industries; in fact, I always feel Qatar Phone Number List that we are all doing one thing. Or rather, they all revolve around the same thing—symbols. You may be confused when you hear it, in fact, we often come into contact with it: For example, as a media, the content that the editor-in-chief often mentions is "tonal", or when it comes to operations Qatar Phone Number List, the activities that the director often says are "compulsive", or the "brand" that he wants to build as the boss, to put it bluntly, is all about " symbol". In today's article, I will explain the above mysterious concepts one by one. Let us use "semiotics", this larger perspective, to understand the work at hand. I will cut from 4 aspects: how symbols affect behavior; what is a symbol; How symbols work in the business world; How to make symbols. 01 How symbols affect us Qatar Phone Number List Recently, Jay Chou released a new song, and a group of post-80s and 90s said with emotion that youth is back. Why can Jay Chou evoke memories? Because in their youth in the 80s and 90s, they often listened to Jay Chou's songs; (nonsense) Going a step further, Jay Chou and that memory are tied together. As long as he heard Jay Chou, he seemed to have caught the thread of his memory and brought the whole Qatar Phone Number List youth out of his mind. That is to say, when you mention "Jay Chou", you can think of youth. The "Jay Chou" here is a symbol - a key to open the inner world. There are many more such symbols , if used correctly, they can be used to make money. For example the following picture: Don Qatar Phone Number List't laugh, this is a pretty classic use case for symbols. As for the 70s and 80s, it was said later that the "brothers" in the memory of youth were probably the appearance of "Hong Kong Young and Dangerous" in Hong Kong films. So seeing Ekin Cheng, Chen Xiaochun, Louis Koo, and Zha Zhahui can remind them of their youth and their nostalgia for their brotherhood. These Hong Kong movie stars are symbols, symbols that people "see and think" - a key to open the inner Qatar Phone Number List world. Although the advertisement is very low, it can be placed on such a large scale and repeatedly, which proves that this symbol must be effective. Therefore, a good symbol must be the key for people Qatar Phone Number List to see, hear (smell, touch) and think of a certain inner feeling. Moreover, once the symbol is established, it is difficult to change; You think, after so many years, symbols such as Young and Dangerous and Jay Chou are still valid. Of course, the symbol can Qatar Phone Number List also be changed, as long as it is repeated enough times. For example, the "traffic movie" used to harvest the post-90s and 00s is to break the old symbols and establish the representatives of the new symbols. The reason why traffic movies in the past had box office is because symbols such as Lu Han and Wu