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Jun 11, 2022
Can a brand do standards harmonization can be on the telemarketing list network sold out. A few years years, with the brand becoming less and less, brand normalization of the increasingly high degree of time, the telemarketing list network marketing will certainly accounts for its place, and the future of the network should be accounted for 30%, and 40 per cent. Network marketing done after a period of time, furniture, transportation and installation of the way with some changes. Network clients on the telemarketing list many install themselves, and this traditional model is completely different. Furniture companies in the telemarketing list areas of e-Commerce must address two major problems 1, the need to rationalize the network, the price and the dealers price system in furniture business is mostly used dealer, agent, affiliate system, all over the store of the selling price may have telemarketing list different degrees of difference, companies not only need to be online to provide a lower price to attract consumers, but also to avoid the impact of the telemarketing list local distribution of the price system. Of course, if the telemarketing list company uses proprietary stores as the main channel system, this aspect of the conflict will be greatly reduced. 2, the need to solve the telemarketing list consumer experience and service needs Furniture product special and consumer spending habits the decision of the“experience”of the sale. Consumers have become accustomed through the physical and emotional contact to understand the telemarketing list product, the network virtualization features to some extent inhibit the consumer's desire to buy. So the network Mall is often required with all import or dealer of the store together.
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