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Apr 06, 2022
According to the data compiled by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the number of platforms that have obtained the "operating license of online car-hailing platform" is increasing. As of March 2021, a total of 227 platforms have obtained this qualification. Without the support of capital and certain technical accumulation, it is difficult for new players in the industry to pose a threat to mainstream players in the market in the short term, but more often it is a battle between new players and new players. When the industry develops to a mature stage, the industry pattern is often more difficult to break. The same is true for the smartphone and computer industries. If new players cannot find new technologies or new models, it is difficult to find market breakthroughs only by burning money. That's how Didi and other manufacturers come here, and the consequences of exploiting one's own weaknesses to attack others' strengths are self-evident make a certain product half a year earlier than others, the research and development direction and product concept are in line with market demand, and with appropriate marketing strategies, this sub-category or category concept may allow your product to grab the special leads category Defined most new consumer brands are fundamentally different from channel chain brands such as Luckin, which have offline point resources it is even more difficult to make a comeback. Facts have proved that changes in many things did not happen overnight. Now Didi is still the protagonist of the domestic online car-hailing market. The "efforts" made by most players in the past three months have not brought fundamental changes to the industry market structure. The reasons for the changes include user market environment, business model, platform basic service experience, and user usage habits. The third point, in short, brands with offline channels can often give consumers a stronger brand impression and a better sense of brand trust. Because it is different from online platforms regardless of Taobao/Pinduoduo, there are many counterfeit goods in the early stage of platform development, and the quality of goods is difficult to guarantee.