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Ziaur Rahman
Apr 13, 2022
Digital exposure, do you have such a big touch point with your customers? Digital exposure will bring real online and offline consumption. Selling different products online and offline has generally improved the operating profit of our single store. I personally have empirical data, but it is not necessarily correct. Usually, for dine-in, about 20% of the takeaway income may be a good ratio. The proportion of some takeaways is too high, reaching more than 50%, which will be very restricted by the platform. In the future, the cost of buying traffic and buying keywords will be higher and higher. Therefore, there must be a better match between online and offline. This is digital income. 2. Digital operation: Tamagoya Tamagoya is the largest food delivery brand in Japan, with 130,000 daily orders. How did the 130,000 daily orders, such a large amount, come into operation? By pre-order, it means to fax number list pre-order meals every morning from 9:00 to 10:00. Orders are not made until 9:00~10:00 in the morning, but you can’t prepare ingredients until 9:00~10:00. You should have prepared them yesterday, right? There is a huge business risk involved. It is possible that suddenly all the consumers will come today, and you may not prepare enough meals all of a sudden. It is also possible that you will prepare too much tomorrow and the consumers will not come. In the whole of Japan, those that can sell 2,000 take-out orders a day belong to the relatively large take-out brands. The damage rate of food and beverages is less than 3%, which is considered to be relatively good. How much can Tamagoya do? Let's look at a number: In the early years, Japan's NHK TV station went to interview them and asked: "How many copies can you sell tomorrow?" The founder said: "Wait a minute, let's check it." 63,100 copies will be sold tomorrow. " The reporter said: "You are so precise. Let's take a look tomorrow at noon. How many copies will be settled? At noon on the second day, the NHK reporter went to interview after the sale: "Excuse me, how many copies did you sell today?" The owner said you wait a moment, we will count.