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Cid Folks :Hello

Brother Allen (Poole), thanks for the note.  Happy Sunday and praise Him everday.

Mr. Allen, I know that people that pretend to know you call you Don Poole. LoL.  I didnt think you would respond to my email that but so glad you did.  I Rise and Grind with you nearly everyday.  I have been a listener, fan and a personal admirer of yours for years.  I guess I've listened for decades really cause I remember you back in the WJZZ days, I dont recall you at WDRQ but I know that's where you started.

My name is Alvin White.  I am about 5 years younger than you, I grew up in Ypsilanti.  John Smith of DeJa and I graduated together and are very close friends.

I don't want to bore you with a long story and hopefully in time we'll get to know each other better.

But couple things I do want to share.....

I recall your first foray in to the internet space several years back and was very sad when the app no longer worked.  Matter fact I kept it on my phone for a long time and tested it every so often to see if you came back (broke my heart to delete it, LoL).   I caught that you where back on an app just before your move from Belleville.  I have been dailed in ever since.

I promote WJZD to EVERYBODY, EVERY chance I get.   John and I often talk about you.   I just never had a chance to "take you out of the country" tell yesterday.  I ofter hear you announce the countries that are bumpin' the station so I wanted you to know 1st hand that someone is doing it on this tiny French Caribbean island.

I am (we all are) so blessed that you followed Ms. Rosetta Hines' advice about WJZD.  Ms. Hines was my favorite radio personality of all time.  

You are blessing so many of us everyday with your gift.  I just want to say THANK YOU for being a bright shining light in this world and making a difference in the lives of others.  Blessings always come back in multiples, you must be one of the most blessed person around.

Again, I hope we get a chance to meet and know each other.  Our taste in music seems so aligned.  I hope to find a way in which I can help and pour back in to you.

Lastly, two things.  One, sending you images from the deck this morning and one from last night.   Please know it is no small feat that what you do is powerfully "sunrise to sunset" all over the world.  The second thing, Mr. Poole, you said you are kin to everybody and I lived next door to a couple of boys last name Poole.  I remember their Dad lived on 8 Mile near Woodward and the Fairgrounds.  I lost contact with them.  Sound like relatives of yours?



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